• Hazelnut Oil

*Botanical Name: Corylus avellana
*Aroma: Light. Nutty and Sweet.
- Hazelnuts are sometimes mistakenly called Filberts. Although similar in appearance, Filberts are slightly longer in shape.
- Hazelnut Oil penetrates well and is said to be a good choice for those with oilier skin. It is a good all purpose oil that can also be used in aromatherapy applications ranging from skin care to massage.
- Hazelnut Oil is a light, penetrating oil that is slightly astringent. It is a suitable addition to formulations intended to be used on acne prone skin. Hazelnut Oil is high in essential fatty acids and is soothing and healing to dry, irritated skin. It is commonly used in sun care products, and studies have shown that it can filter sun rays. Hazelnut Oil is a nourishing addition to massage, hair care, cream, lotion and soap formulations.
*Minimum Order: 90,000đ/100ml
*Discount: 850,000đ/L

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Hazelnut Oil

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