Cajeput essential oil is a warming, camphorous oil that wears many hats.
Cajeput essential oil is steam distilled from the twigs and leaves of the cajeput tree and the paperbark tree.
This essential oil has many health benefits, it can be used as a pain reliever and a natural way to treat respiratory systems in distress.
Cajeput essential oil has many health and medicinal properties, making it essential to keep in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit.
Cajeput oil is effective in fighting infections, serving as a bactericide, antiviral, and fungicide. Keep this antiseptic oil in your first aid kit and apply topically to cuts and wounds to keep them clean and free of infection.
Cajeput oil gives immediate relief, eliminating mucous clogging up your nose and throat.
Cajeput oil also alleviates cough, prevents infection of the respiratory system, and soothes such respiratory inflammations as laryngitis, bronchitis, and pharyngitis.
Some asthma and allergy sufferers should test inhaling small amount to make sure the high levels of Eucalyptol do not cause a reaction.
This uplifting oil works great in a diffuser. Inhale the healing vapors of Cajeput essential oil if you are congested, anxious, or simply want to experience its fresh scent.

*Infusing this essential oil is not suitable for those suffering from asthma, as inhaling Cajeput essential oil can trigger an asthma attack.

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