Frankincense oil is among the most ancient and comprehensively beneficial essential oils known to man. Widely used across cultures its aromatic and healing properties have been a subject of common knowledge for centuries.
- Respiratory Relief - This essential oil is useful for fighting off respiratory conditions. It is especially effective against ailments like coughs, bronchitis, asthma and congestion of the respiratory and nasal tracts. It also keeps the lungs healthy
- Muscular Pain - Frankincense Oil is very good for easing muscular pains. It is especially beneficial to patients suffering from rheumatism. It promotes blood circulations and supplies fresh nutrients to the affected regions. The therapeutic massage further eases the pain.
- Corrects Menstrual Disorders - Frankincense Oil corrects menstrual delays and other such conditions. It helps control heavy blood flow and also provides relief from PMS, nausea and pain. It also boosts uterus and reproductive functions. In addition, it also delays menopause. Frankincense is one of the few essential oils that are safe for use by pregnant women.

Charma Vietnam's Frankincense Lift Up enriched with premium quality carrier oils, Vitamin E and Frankincense essential oil.
*Minimum Order: 180,000đ/100ml

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Frankincense Lift-Up

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